Building ExtensionExtending your house is often an economical way to provide extra space within your home, whilst maintaining the comforts of your existing environment and lifestyle. In addition to this, the investment in your current property will almost definitely be reflected in an increased value.

Front Row Construction’s personal service will support you through the process of planning an extension, assisting in ideas for maximising space and helping ensure your house reaches its greatest potential.

The first step when building an extension is to produce detailed plans. By taking the time to consider the extension details at this stage, Front Row Construction will provide an accurate and detailed quotation, along with a realistic timescale.

Building Extension completedWhen we undertake an extension project, achieving a high quality finish is paramount and Front Row Construction’s team of skilled builders will ensure your investment is rewarded with a very high standard of workmanship.

We work efficiently and seek to minimise disruption whilst the building work is carried out. You will be kept fully informed of the progress made at every step of the extension development and will have a single point of contact at Front Row Construction to ensure you can always speak to us when you require.

Contact Front Row Construction today to discuss your building extension plans.